How do I prepare for a first date?

It's been a year since I have officially been on a date and I have completely forgotten how to go about these things. I don't have much dating experience to begin with :/ He is 22 and I am 17 (almost 18 if that counts lol) . I would have to assume he expects me to act mature for my age, but not necessarily dress totally mature.

How should I dress and how should I do my make up? Are bright colors okay for the eyes or should I tone it down and go with neutral colors?

How do I handle the check? I'm use to paying for all parties, but I know some guys are not okay with that.

What should I pack in my emergency date kit... a.k.a. Purse or do I even bring a bag with me?


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  • Dress: Dress nicely, but definitely not too revealing. You always want to dress for what you will be doing. Jeans/ pants and a nice top are always a good choice because they can be good for anything, but dresses/skirts can be cute too. It just depends on what you feel looks good on you. Heels are up to you and may be the dependant on the height of the guy.


    Face- moisterizer, foundation, and some concealer

    eyes- eyeliner and mascara. I wouldn't wear bright eyeshadow colors because they can be overwhelming. I think metallics look good, neutrals are good, and pastels. I would stay away from light/bright blues, certain greens, orange, red, yellows, or dark smokey eyes for a date. No glitter either. Have you looked up make-up tips for your eye color? That could give you some ideas.

    lips- I would wear a nice lip gloss (one that tastes good ;) ), but no lipstick.

    Body- a little perfume, nothing heavy. soft skin. No glitter.

    The check- you definitely want to bring money with you. It is always nice to offer to pay for half, especially since dates can be expensive. If the guy doesn't want you to pay, he will let you know nicely.

    I would bring a purse, you never know what you will need. It is always nice to keep your wallet, mints, your phone, make-up, and anything else you will need.

    Good luck and I hope you have fun! If you tell us what you are doing, I might be able to offer more advice.

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