How does the 1st date work? A tryout to see if there's spark or you're totally into this other person?

I'm not sure how people look at this issue sometimes. There are people who agree to date a person because they are really attracted to this person and want to make him/her as their life partner or have sex with them (or at least they have think about it). On the other hand, there are people who says that even though they are not that much attracted to that person, they will go at least to a date once with that person to see if there's any spark between them and if it could be something more or just no interest. So which is which actually? What is your opinion? Will you agree to go for a date because you are so interested in the other person, or even if you are not that interested (just slightly attracted) will you agree to go for at least one date?


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  • Pretty much what WeaponZero said.

    Couldn't it be both though?

    I mean initially I would only agree/go on a date if I found the person attractive. The problem with that was I sort of had my own definition/preference of what I considered attractive and honestly those are actually pretty rare in my area.

    I then realized that I was pretty much limiting my options. I mean like what if that girl who showed interest in me earlier could have been someone I really enjoyed spending my time with. So I now will at least agree to go on one date.


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  • Most men can tell instantly if they find a woman attractive, so beyond that its a compatibility check.

    My impression is that for many (most?) women there are only a few men they find really attractive without getting to know them and seeig other characteristics. So I presume they date men who are 'in the range' of 'might be attracted'. Or something like that.

  • More or less a compatibility check.


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