Why is he ignoring my texts?

I met this guy at a magazine party 2 weekends ago. He approached me and said Hi but I was busy and my friends dragged me away. We smiled a few times after that. Anyway, the magazine posted of pic of him on their IG and tagged him so I started following him. He followed me back and commenting on my pic like "oh no! you're that really pretty girl from that party!" he's super funny and stuff we've been texting all last week. problem is he stays in florida and I stay in cali...he said he visits my city A LOT and *might move here soon* pfft. anyway, he's coming back in February and we've been texting alot.. but he's kind of weird, like I told him "Im with my friends" and he's like "what friends?" I don't know if he was joking or not but I joked back and told him not to be possessive. well we get along really well through text because all we do is joke non-stop and he tells me how pretty I am and stuff...and he seemed genuine (it was refreshing compared to other guys I'm texting)..well anyway he hasn't texted me back since yesterday and I'm sad..he's older too I'm almost 21 and he's 24... why would he act all genuine and interested in me then just ignore me? his phone is okay because he's posted on IG...


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  • Maybe he could be busy ignoring your tet. It was new years so I know people are really busy on that day or major holidays.Give it time and hopefully he should text you back. Also texting nonstop can be good or bad.Good because you keep in touch.Bad because eventually I feel you might run out of things to say and things might get boring as far as material to text back and forth. Hopefully you can see or hang out with him when he visits your state again. It seems like you and him had some chemistry so I hope things work out and can develop more from this. Give him a couple of days to text back. If he doesn't by then.Then maybe send a follow up text to him to make sure everything is alright with him.


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