Why is this girl texting my boyfriend like this?

I feel angry she texted him on nye obviously drunk saying happy nw year and then she said she ha glow sticks in between her boobs and my boyfriend told me and he said he won't reply.All I know he might o and apparently she said to him what she had for breakfast the next morning and just before he got another message and he made a noise and I was like what?what does she want?And he put the phone down and I said no if you have nothing to hide what did she say?And he said that she said did you get a New Year's Eve kiss?Why the hell would she ask him that?She would know he has a boyfriend and I've been on her page before and she has a boyfriend.I keep asking my boyfriend why is she asking him this and he said I don't know.I also have noticed she likes his photos too and I said why and he said I don't know.He doesn't know I know this but I know he messaged her a while back and he deleted the messages.From what I recall though they won't talk often,he knows I'm very insecure so he may of deleted it because of that.I feel so much more isecure and my boyfriend hasn't reassured me like he usually does,should I ask him why he hasn't reassured me or?I don't know what to do.I said how would you feel if that was me getting those messages and what would you do?He then said nothing,there's nothing I can do. what should I do?

I couldn't help myself, I had a quick look at the message..I could tell he had replied to her text message after her saying she a glow stick between her boobs(stupid mole) lol, because the next message was from her, saying No but I could go to Mcdonalds and she said something else in the message but I couldn't remember what it was. So he had obviously replied to her saying something for her to reply saying that..but he had deleted it. AFTER he said he wouldn't message her.I'm pissed off.
I clearly can't tell him I looked, but it made me feel insecure so I had to look..Now I don't know what to think..And I wonder if he replied to her asking if he got a new years kiss and then deleted it?Argh,what do I do?


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  • Give your boyfriend a break. He might have been messaging her and might have talked to her a bit in the past. But right now, I mean right at this moment, the only person who is doing wrong is the girl, NOT your boyfriend. And you saw the texts. so it means your boyfriend isn't hiding anything from you. If you want to attack anyone and take your anger and hurt on anyone, take a cab to where the girl is and beat the bitch up. Don't take it out on your boyfriend. If you do, the following two things will happen.

    1. He will start hiding texts like this in the future afraid that you will react very badly.

    2. You will confuse him and push him further away because by being transparent about those texts and by not acting on them he hasn't done anything wrong.

    If you have some hard evidence of him straying, then do confront him. But now you don't, so have a big heart and be confident about yourself and laugh it off. Just say "whatever, how could she possibly be a threat."

    • Thank you that actually made me feel a bit better, I didn't look at it from that point of view.I'm a really anxious person so it doesn't make it any easier.He said he wasn't sure if she was flirting with him or not,which made me think well you would know wouldn't you if you know her.

      It did make me wonder if he had replied to her or not but I don't think he did..I hope not.I guess it made me more insecure because he deleted messages from her in the past and he didn't really reassure me this

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    • And if you start truly understanding him, and accepting him the way he is, I promise you there isn't a bitch out there that will match up to you in his eyes.

    • Thank you,but yeah I guess it's hard because I know he has deleted messages from the same girl and gone behind my back without me knowing about another girl,inviting her out..So it's hard not to think of the worst.I guess I have to trust him but it's hard to know if he is messaging her behind my back..

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  • wild guess, she clicks like on his pics before she likes them :P, about the messages, like you said, if he had nothing to hide he would tell you, and he did, in fact, the 1st messega, of the boobs, for what I read HE told you, you didn't have to force the answer out of him, if he is open about it then perhaps is because he is not hidding anything, I have a friend that always likes my photos, and my girl is jealous but in a charming way, she knows I'm faithfull, she knows, and this other girl has a fiance actually, but she is flirty with me, I feel nice, we all like to feel wanted, but I don't take her seriously, if she moved boldly I'd put her a stop, if she gets insistent I would unfriend her and avoid her, but the "likes" and the comments are just that, compliments that I enjoy and I won't accept more from her, so my girl is not as jealous as to ask me to unfriend her, she knows that she should worrie when I'm the one flirting with others, and she of course also likes, like any girl the flirting of her co-workers, she knows if she ask me to unfriend her I would have the right to ask her to stop talking to the guy who is always "ohhh if you were my girl...", but the truth is, we don't do it, because we have nothing to hide, it would be worse to unfriend her and still talk to her offline and on the low. long story short, worry about what your man does, not about what people around him do

    • True thanks but,it's just hard not to worry when he's deleted mmessages from her in the past.And he didn't say anything like, you have nothing to worry about like he usually does and you would think he would know if she is flirting or not..He was a bit blank about it all..It's so hard to not look at the messages :/

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  • She sounds stupid, but if you can't trust your boyfriend, then that's the real issue. You need to figure out if he's being honest with you and if you are OK with the stuff he does or not. Then you'll have to decide if you want to stay with someone who acts that way.

    • I guess he didn't do anything wrong..it was her but I mean how am I meant to know if he was messaging her or not.He also doesn't know that I know about another girl he used to see that he messaged her a while back, though he said he stopped talking to her,so that has made me more insecure.

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