He says he loves me but then he ignores me, what should I do? x.x

I've met him one month ago and we are very close. He said we can be boyfriends in a future, but now he can't forget his ex. Also, in the past, he texted me a lot, but I don't know what happened, he stopped sending me messages even in Facebook. Three days have passed since he texted me last time.. I've started texting him since he doesn't do it, but I'm feeling like he's not interested in me, and I really love him x.x

PS: I'm really scared, his ex is 10 times prettier than me ;__;

(Sorry for grammar, I'm not native)


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  • It's not because he misses his ex that he's pulling himself away from you. Rather, it's because moving on is the hardest part of relationships and it takes time to heal. He doesn't want to go through the same experience when he's with you.

    To keep him attracted to you, give him time to relieve all of the heart breaking memory remnants.

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