Have you ever dated someone who you didn't like?

I have once or twice and it was because I felt bad.

Have you guys ever dated someone even though you didn't like then? Maybe because they were hot? The sex?


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  • Have you ever dated someone who you didn't like?

    Yes as I date for my amusement and entertainment so I don't find it necessary for me to like the guys just that they fit my criteria and can be used.

    Maybe because they were hot?

    Yes many times.

    The sex?

    Never as in my opinion 'my orgasm is my responsibility' and having sex with a guy is a sh*tty way to handle that responsibility by downgrading from almost guaranteed orgasms via masturbation for a shot in the dark chance at an orgasm via sex.

  • i want to break up with my boyfriend, not because I don't like him, but because I can't handle the pressures and expectations of relationships. it's all too much for me right now but I can't go through with it because I can't give up the sex. I've tried breaking up with him twice before but I falter and I take it back after like an hour. the sex though, it's too good. and he's hot. he's just gorgeous.