Is finding a girl many about your demographic as opposed to all of the dumb dating rules?

I live at home and go to school in the local area, pretty much all of the people that were in my social demographic in the area all went away to go to the college of their choice. My philosophy was to stay home, get a job and earn my degree at a community college and save a ton of money (but truth be told, I didn't do my best in high school either, so it contributed to my overall decision) I probably could've squeezed into a few colleges if I had applied and submitted an acceptance essay, but I didn't go that route. I enjoy being around my family.

But I'm really not around attractive girls much to even know how they would respond to me socially. It's a sad life lol. There is nothing fun to do in the area, and not to sound like an idiot but my town is full of hicks. lol It seems like everyone here is stuck in their old time, uneducated opinions from decades, even centuries past. You hear a lot of racial remarks, sexist remarks, and unnecessary profanity just for the sake of being profane, from people and most give off an "alcoholic" vibe if that makes sense. And I would go as far as to say that the people around are mostly uneducated. And in observing the average person in public, they don't really seem happy.

And while I do come from one of the nicer neighborhoods in the area, all of the ideal girls have left town (understandably so). Now last night, I went down south more towards the city and there is a lot more money down more in that area and all the girls down there (we went to a club) were for the most part, very cute and some even I would call beautiful! And looking around at the kind of guys they were with, I see no reason why I couldn't find a pretty girl myself. Some of the guys while I'm sure they were cool and came from a decent background like myself, some of them seemed pretty doofy. xD

But it just makes me wonder. Some of the most ideal women I've ever seen are sometimes with guys that really don't seem all that special looks wise, and I know I'm nothing special either, but I just wonder if it's mainly about your background and demographic that does most of the work in finding an attractive mate :) What do you think? Or is it really about all of these gender roles and dating games and flirting that you're supposed to be good at, that society places on us?


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  • actually, girls don't like guys that play games. when I find a guy who likes to play games, I tell him to fix up and if he doesn't, then that's it. I have no time to waste for stupid games. although every female has her own points that she finds attractive in men, every women would love an educated, sophisticated man - and most importantly, a man that cares and treats her right - despite his physical appearance, we know that every guy doesn't look like taylor lautner.

    • I saw some women even that were really really pretty kind of look at me throughout the night last night but they were already with other guys, but they seemed to do a bit of a double take for some reason, although they didn't really smile at me or anything. Many were already caught up within their groups of friends though. But I wonder the kind of women that look at me that at least think I'm cute :)

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    • And how exactly do I do that? lol

    • just go out, make friends, talk to them...

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