On break, who should text first?

I called the break. She texted the other day and said she forgot some stuff in my car. I texted happy new years. She texted back thx, we exchanged a few and then she ended the convo.

Who's turn is it to text now?


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  • if its a break then stop texting, if you want her back, tell her you want her back (not over text). I hate texting...

  • I would text her

    • Ok I did and then she ende the convo quickly said she has to shower and will text me later. What if she doesn't text? Sorry I'm freakin out I really like her haha

    • If she doesn't text you back tonight give it a few days & text again. Don't take it personally if she doesn't text you back tonight. It might mean she's busy or got caught up on somthing. If after that she's still not answering. Let her come to you, cuse it would her turn by that point.

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