Why isn't he initiating lately?

This guy asked me on a date over the holidays. We went out, and had a really good time. He texted me later that night, thanking me for a great evening... Then texted the next day, asking how my day was, and so on. After that, I had to return to the city where I live (we live in different cities that are about 6 hours apart, but share a mutual family "base"). But for the last 3 days, I haven't heard from him all day and have ended up initiating the conversations (all of which lasted about an hour). He seems happy to hear from me, mentioned coming to visit me/take me on a second date, etc. The other day, I subtly mentioned that I was texting him to make sure he didn't forget about me and that he was thinking about me but didn't text because he fell asleep... Today I haven't heard from him at all, but have decided not to text him first... He told our mutual friend that he was into me (just a day and a half ago), but never communicates these things directly to me... What's going on? Should I be worried, or is a day or so of no contact just "not a big deal?"

-- Confused by poor communication


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  • Let him chase a little. Distance is part of it, and you initiating for days is also part of it. Think about it, you didn't initiate with him in the beginning because he was doing it. But when he stopped, you started. Same thing in reverse. Give him the chance to chase you, too.


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  • Maybe he has lost interest because of the distance. 6 hours is far!

    • I guess so, but he knew about the distance before asking me out... And just yesterday told our mutual friend that he was "glad that he finally met someone that he could have a healthy relationship with."

  • Sounds like the distance might have something to do with it.

    • But he knew about the distance before asking me out, before mentioning a second date and his intentions of coming to see me...

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