So went T-bowling with this girl today, was it a date?

I couldn't tell if it was a date or not. Right after she immediately paid without negotiating. Didn't even have the chance to say anything. friend zoned?


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  • Did you try to make a move on her at all physically? Kiss her? Touch her? Flirt with her? Tease her? It is hard to say based solely on her offering to pay. If you didn't do the things above that I suggested, try it again next time and see how she responds. If you were too friendly and not flirty enough, she might think you friend zoned her. Be more clear with your interest and you won't be friend zoned as much by this girl or any other girl. Give it another shot and apply the questions I suggested above.

    • The thing is that I know her since last year, but never really hung out. I flirt a ton with her and she does with me as well.

    • If she's flirting with you, you need to try and kiss her. Call her, set up a second date and this time get touchy feely and follow it up with a kiss attempt. Even if she pushes back a bit, keep it up. If she's flirting with you, she's probably just trying to get you to make a move. You'll be there soon enough.

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  • I think you might be friend zoned... Have you gone on other dates where you paid?

    Most girls want the guy to pay or wait and give him at least a chance to offer when on dates.


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  • Yeah that sucks son. I mean you did go bowling so your problem came before the queston. That is some yoga sh*t up there