Boyfriend not returning my text for a this normal?

I may sound catty or insecure, but I’m not sure what is normal in these circumstances. I’m usually the one to text my boyfriend of about 6 months….he replies sometimes in an hour or so….sometimes it takes him hours….I’m fine with that. And it’s normally very short texts…and I don’t repeatedly text him if I don’t hear back…I respect his space and never try to smother him. However, I texted him and he has not replied…it’s been a day. I know he is off school right now and does not have work….and when I’m with him…he always has his phone on him…so I’m almost certain he did get the message.

I suppose I don’t understand why someone wouldn’t have the courtesy to text back at least within a day….he has done this once months before…but he was in school and had a lot going on. I never demand him to explain or make comments as to why he takes so long to contact me….I’m aware of his personal space and I give it to him.

In this situation do I just wait for him to contact me…or should I try to text or call him again? I don’t want to seem overbearing…but I feel like it’s very unusual for this to happen….and I’m certain that there is no reason for him to be upset with me…so I know it’s not that….

Thanks for your help. I appreciate it.


We are both in our 20s...if that makes a difference
Well...he finally got back to me...I should've listened to my gut...I knew something wasn't right...turns out he has been pretty sick...usually when he feels do I so that's why I expected something was up...thanks for all of your help!


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  • 1. He might have been busy when you texted him, checked the text, and went to reply later but forgot

    2. He might have been busy and forgot you texted at all

    3. He might think he's replied but for some reason the text didn't send/didn't get out

    4. He might not have his phone with him for some reason

    6. He might not have anything to say in reply to your text

    There's nothing wrong with not replying, sometimes it happens, it's perfectly fine. If you're that worried/you want to talk to him that much just give him a call. Some people just don't like texting and that's fine, so don't base his feelings towards you or his motives and thoughts on how quickly/if he replies to a text. We've all forgotten to reply or shrugged a text off or something like that, every single one of us. Relax, just give him a call if it means that much that he talk to you when you guys aren't together.

    • Ok...thanks...that makes me feel better...I suppose my way of thinking is that if someone texts's just polite to text back in a timely manner...especially if it is a significant other...and it only takes one min to's not something that takes any time...and I know he doesn't have anything going on this week cause he is off school and doesn't work...if he was in school...that would be a diff story

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  • Just wait for him to get back to you, I'm sure everything is fine.

    • Opps...I caved in and texted him...just a short hi how are you sort of thing...its been like 45 min and no reply...I was going to call him tomorrow if he doesn't are you saying I shouldnt?

    • Yes, wait for him to reply.

    • Thanks...ok...I'll you reply faster than my boyfriend, lol...still nothing from him

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  • Maybe he's not a texty kind of person? Since you mentioned he takes his time to reply and usually answers quite shortly. He could prefer talking in person. You could just text him again, something random or asking him if he got your previous message. He might just have forgotten to reply by now. It's not necessarily a sign of him being upset at you, maybe he has things on his mind and is distracted or something, or he forgot or he doesn't like to text...

    • Thanks...I appreciate your help...well...I take that back...when he does text me...he texts quite a bit...I just don't want to seem too clingy...I guess I'll text him later in the day if he doesn't get back with me...I don't know what else I can do...I know he has some self esteem issues...I just hope he isn't playing games with me...cause I have never and will never do that...but I guess I'll give him his space...if he wants to contact me, he has the option

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    • Yeah...I'm going to try that...thanks so much for your great advice : )

    • You're welcome ;) good luck!

  • hmm...most likely, he was busy when you texted, saw your text, smiled, and then went on to do sthg else and forgot :D My guy friend told me this is how he deals with texts from his girlfriend, and when I asked my boyfriend, he agreed XD Don't sweat it girl, he'll contact you soon!

    • Oh...well I really hope that's it! So you mean I should just wait for him to contact me and not text or call him again? Cause I don't want to seem to clingy...but on the other hand I don't want him to think I don't care about him if for some strange reason he didn't get the text. I'm worrying too much, arn't I? Thanks for your help...much appreciated!

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    • Well...I did cave in ab texted him...its been 45 min and no I was gonna call tomorrow if he doesn't return my was just a simple "how are u" you are saying I should t call...alright...but if he doesn't get back with me by tomorrow at least I'll wonder...just because this is so out of character for him

    • haha, OK last one. Now way for him to contact you. The only reason you should call him up right now is if you're pretty sure he's involved in an accident somewhere. Don't worry, I'm sure this will blow over in couple days.