Should you take your retainer out when kissing?

Yup another braces question. So I'm still not sure if I am getting the braces off yet but when you get retainers should you take them off when kissing. I think so but I'm not sure. Not like a peck but full on kissing. And what about pecks or small deep kisses?


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  • That all depends. You should wear your retainer all the time or as your orthodontist suggests. However you should take it out if you are planning on making out or eating. Just don't take it out in front of him, because that is gross. You might have to plan ahead. For small pecks and random kissing, leave it in. Definitely wear the retainer at night. I think I only wore one during the day for a month or so and then I just wore it at night for a year or so. I stopped wearing it after that and had my permanent lower retainer removed after about 2-3 years. None of my teeth moved, but I have seen some people who don't look like they ever had braces because they didn't wear their retainers.

    Make sure you clean your retainer with denture cleaning tablets often or it will smell bad and give you bad breath.

    • Some people recommend Retainer Brite over denture tablets but I never had any problems with denture tablets. I kept mine rinsed off with water and a toothbrush most of the time and cleaned it in solution maybe once a week, rather than daily.

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  • I'd say yeah take them out, beforehand too.


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