This guy is driving me insane, what is his problem? =(

So this guy will answer texts but out of the blue he stops texting and three days later he will say, I just seen your text from the other day, goodnight :)...I feel he its definitely lying and why would he do this? He sometimes texts me first saying goodnight ;) and even asked when we were going to meet in person, we agreed that Fridays work best for us but Friday came along, he texted, he asked if I had plans, I said I had something but I might not go, he asked so do you? I said well I'll probably just run quick errands with my sis and that's about it and he didn't reply.

I texted the next day he replied late then stopped texting and the next night he texted goodnight:)

Is this some kind of game with him?! This is driving me crazy, not knowing what he wants because I never stop conversation, he does but then he ends up texting days later and sometimes likes pics online.

So I made a move and asked if he was still up for meeting up, he replied quick and said that he was :) now I will see what kind of guy he is, hopefully all goes well, thanks for the advice.


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  • Maybe he just doesn't checkhis messages all that often. Not everyoe is glued to their phone; some people are too busy with real life to spend hours texting.

    obviously it shows he's not exactly waitin impatiently for you to contact him. I'd advise making a date to meet if yu're curious, because he stiply left when you said you would't make it Friday. Probably he's written ou off unless you make some move.

    • UPDATE: OK, you made your see if he really shows!

      Best Answer, right?

      Note the pointless answer by sfauo, above,'does't like to text' hiding behind anonymity. what a clutter up he commits without giving any meaningful advice.

    • Thank you, your advice did help, I made some kind of move and so far so good:)

    • Thx for the BA anonymousQ

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  • He sounds like he doesn't really like to text that much.

  • How about you stop assuming he's lying? You're driving yourself insane.

    • I'll try, I've been through a situation like this before but I went to high school with the guy, I believed what he told me that he had no time on his hands but once he had vacation from college and a day off work he would take me out, he ended up getting with a girl, I guess I was his back up, that was notok, I was upset at him and myself for believing him, 8 months of texting him and he did this but I moved on. That is why I am afraid of this happening again, I try and not make conclusions.

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