How hard would you try for someone until you give up?

I've been trying to contact him for the past couple of days. I don't text him everyday, he won't text back though no matter what I text. I think I'll try a few more days then let him go. :(((((


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  • Depends on how long I've known the person and even then it's iffy.

    I would honestly stop after the 1st time they don't respond.

    Why? The way I see it...

    Clearly they don't seem interested (at least to me) so I'd "get the message" and then stop. It hurts and I'll go through the motions and then I'll get over it.


    If I come to find out that she actually was interested and [[[purposely]]] chose not to text/reply back (because she was "playing hard to get") then that's kind of a turn off for me. It makes me feel like I've been played with.


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  • Try and give him a phone call :)

    • I honestly don't think he'd pick up the phone

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    • Thats the spirit! Let me know how it goes. (If you want of course..) You got this! :D

    • I hope I got this, I want this (:

  • The moment they stop showing me interest.

  • Give him a call. If nothing, then yes you can move on or wait until he contacts you.

    Doesn't seem he's that interested though unfortunately...


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