How can I get a date if I'm overweight?

I'm in my last semester of college and time is running out to meet more people. Please give me tips! I've never kissed or anything but I've tried to put myself out there a few times and have either been rejected/friend zoned.

Don't say online went there already. Guys on there are pretty boring.

I'm okay pretty (7/10 for face) but a little tall and about 30 lbs overweight.. big boobs and got a booty (but its not kardhasian huge lol)


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  • I've been there especially with the weight issue. To be honest I can't really tell you how. For me I lost a lot of weight and got quite fit. Now when I say weight I mean as in I never got a 2nd glance.

    I was 312 pounds and 28% body fat. Now what set me on my course was in fact a girl. I asked her out and she simply walked away and never gave an answer. Now to be honest that pissed me off something bad and I went home with a "I'm so gonna prove you wrong" mindset. With a lot of hard work in 8 months I went from 312 pounds to 165 pounds and my 28% body fat I got down to 5% body fat. Saw the girl shortly after my accomplishment and she started flirting with me and ended up asking me if I wasn't busy would I like to hang out or do something together. Of course I replied and said you don't remember me do you. Of course she didn't and she said so. To which I said hang on one moment and you'll know me. I then turned right around and walked away never giving her an answer, she knew me then. Lesson in point especially for myself, get into something, find stuff to improve for you and only for you. I realized that when someones especially into something or adamant and focused on it it tends to draw people towards you.


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  • Just keep going out and having fun, don't be desperate to find a date.


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  • How can I get a date if I'm overweight?

    Probably by dating other overweight guys and guys less attractive than yourself as in my observations most guys tend to pass by overweight gals.

  • Make sure whatever you wear flatters your individual shape. It may help to find out what your shape is and then learn about different clothing items that accent certain parts of your body or hide any excess weight. This will help boost your self-confidence when you go out and you'll natually seem more appealing to the opposite sex. Self-confidence goes a long way!