In online dating, why do I freak out when a beautiful woman actually replies?

When there's a great-looking girl who I message and she ends up messaging back, I start to freak out. The pictures I put on my profile look like me and I'm not that great a looking guy, so then I start to think why. Granted, my messages are fun and have my personality, but that's all I have going for me.

Even freakier is when I reply to their reply and then they reply again. It's like I can't even believe it.

I admit, I also feel like this in person with beautiful women, too. Especially beautiful women who are my age and not younger.

How can I calm down and not let this affect me?


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  • Breath

    Stop being so down on yourself and have more confidence


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  • lol just relax. We are no different than you lol

  • because a lot of guys online have boring personalities lol

    so you don't I happy about it but don't freak out until you meet them and have the personal interaction that's totally different than online.

    • that's why I'm freaking out. I'm freaking out they'll see I'm plain-looking in person, which shouldn't be a surprise because my pictures show I'm plain-looking. And that'll ruin the interaction if they've built me up in their heads.

    • find me one fun female on online dating site

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  • You sir are self depreciating yourself and your confidence. Big hint stop it now. As I once had told to me, Walk like you own the world think like you'll never succeed. Basically have confidence but have no expectations. In the meantime do stuff that boosts your confidence, like working out, playing basketball and whooping your friend, things you like to do and know your good at. When talking back speak like you would to a friend, calm and collected, witty comments and so on. The main thing to keep in mind is don't depreciate yourself, have no expectations, and don't over reach.

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