I lied when I told him come 2013 I was done, what should I do?

So I dated this guy. He cheated and was an ass. We were together 4 years. I am still in love with him. For the past year now he has contacted me at least every other week. On December 31st I told him that either he told me how he felt or don't ever bother contacting me ever again. (I should mention he is dating the girl he cheated on me with, in fact I think he's living with her).

So he keeps stringing me along. Its not that I don't want to move on because I do. Every time I have a date or I meet a new guy he texts or calls, and he has no clue I'm going out so I don't know why his timing is so damn inconvenient for me.

Oh sorry got sidetracked. So I told him tell me now or never because when the clock strikes midnight I can't do this anymore. He told me his phone was dying. I told him now or never and he said "not never love you phones turning off, will text tmrw trust me"

He never friggin texted! Wtf?

So guys why would a guy keep up this charade and do you think he will try to contact me again?

So he ended up texting me yesterday and the day before. He actually had the neverve ask me if I would sleep with him and to say it would be an awesome way to start a relationship and ended it with love u. I responded with "The Verizon customer you are trying to reach doesn't give a f*** anymore. Error code: 4 years wasted." Then he had the nerve to text again a bunch of question marks and random stuff.

Why? It can't be because he cares, I don't think any guy would say that stuff if he really cared.


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  • Hun! You are very valuable and men tend to act this way when they have many options to choose from. From reading your story, he is completely unstable and doesn?t know what he wants.

    Wouldn?t the lion eat the gazzile? Wouldn?t the frog die for a kiss? Doesn?t Edward show and prove his love for Bella? (ok I don't know what that last one has to do with it, but point is when it wants it; it will have it!)

    Women have the talent to read between the lines and feel the signs, its just something that's enternal within us knows the truth, but sometimes its best to hear it from other point of views.

    I advise, when he calls you again answer: (Remember; CONTROL your voice and LEAD the conversation)

    Ring. Ring. Ring.

    You: Hello?

    Him: xxx

    You: Wait, who?s this?


    You:Omg, how could I forget (cute laugh), How are you?


    You:That?s so great! Hey I?m gonna have to call you back (cute laugh), if I don?t you?ll understand, right?


    Click. Hang up.

    -if he calls you back; don?t answer for a few days, try and spend time on here and write and tell him you have better things to do like ?reply to some followers on your web-page. Which means sign up for Girls Ask Guys and spend your time learning and talking to other men who value your time, holidays, heart, laughter, love etc.

    Best Wishes to You !


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  • It's best when you already move on.

    He's just playing around with you, but I know that you need a guy who will genuinely care for your feelings.

  • Hes a narcissist.. I would read up on what they actually are. Personally id run a mile and ignore him from now!

  • Dont breed with him; way too many idiot genes in the damn pool already.

  • He sounds like a headache... It's probably not doing you any good!

    He's playing games unfortunately, end of the day he's losing out


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