Is it alright for me to make a picture of me and the guy I'm dating my profile picture on Facebook?

He's not my boyfriend, we've been dating for about two relationship status on FB says single but I did want to add a picture of him and me because...

A-I like the picture, we both look very cute.

B-Even though we aren't exclusive as far as I'm concerned I don't want to date anyone else and I thought it might be a none aggressive way of stating that to people who might look at my FB profile.



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  • i think, that if you don't want to date anyone else and you really like this person then there shouldn't be any harm in it. yes your single and dating, but who cares?

    i think that it just shows the person your dating that your really interested along with letting everyone else know who your interested in. if someone asks' then just say that's this is who your interested in.

  • Yes, it's permissible.


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