Seriously guys...why can't you just come out and say what's wrong?

Imagine this scenario:

Guy and girl in their mid-20's who have been friends for 6mths, the guy talks to her every day, always making excuses to see her, go on a date (a movie & coffee); the guy seems nervous so the girl tries to make him as comfortable as possible, talks, compliments, smiling etc.

During the date the guy only answers girl when she asks him a question and says nothing more, he also avoids eye contact apart from when the girl arrives and when she leaves.

After the date he only has any contact with her when she initiaes it and it is only very brief. After about a month he stops all contact, as do his sister and flatmates who the girl was also friends with.

What's going on?


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  • I try to be as sociable as possible but I am just not a talker in general I am more of the guy you come to if your sad and need someone to talk to I sort of just listen and offer advice. When on a date though or with a girl I am dating I try to keep up a conversation and stuff.


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  • I don't know why a guy can't reciprocate the feelings when a girl is giving him everything to make him feel comfortable and indicators of interest.

    Sometimes, men are as fickle as a women can be.

    Perhaps, his friends/family don't approve of you.

    Or he wants you to chase for him as he think that he's done many things with you.

    • I know his friends approve of me because his friends are my friends and I've never done anything which would make his family disapprove of me, not that they've met me. And he wasn't the one doing all of the chasing, I was showing more than enough interest and I initiated quite a number of things. :S

    • Then, I can say that you're both ready for a relationship however he doesn't know how to move things forward.

    • not ignoring the fact that I exist would be a good start. lol.

  • i have always told my s/o what was wrong. its the women who have expected me to read their minds.

  • hes probably not into you and the fact that he isn't talking to you shows that. Its kind of obvious wether he tells you directly or not. He does seem quite shy so expecting him to is kind of not going to happen

    • personally, I don't care if he's into me or not, we aren't a good match, I just don't get what men seem to think that it's perfectly acceptable to just stop all contact instead of telling the girl. It's rude!

  • He's just not that into you

    • it would be nice for him to say it instead of scurrying away like a gutless infant

  • is it your story

    • i feel the guy is confused and has become more prone of doing random things and taking some quick decisions ...y is he doing it...that you have to find out

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