Girls, Is a Jealous Boyfriend enough reason to not hang out with your guy friends?

Currently my best Chick friend won't hangout with me because her boyfriend is so jealous, or so she says.


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  • It IS a reason, but no, it's not a good reason. It DOESN'T make her a bad friend either. If you guys are close friends, then obviously she cares about you. But she cares about her boyfriend also. If she loves him and she is happy, then she isn't going to ruin their relationship. Even if that means hanging out with you. Her boyfriend probably has self-esteem issues ans doesn't trust herwith other guys. But thene again she also is scared of him, because she can't make her own decisions. Just give her space. She will come around. Depending on how long they have been together he will give her more freedom. But you should let her know exactly how you feel. because she probably doesn't realize that it's hurting you.

    • She knows she's hurting me. I don't really know what to make of it, its kind of weird.

    • Well the best advice I can give you is to give her space. Don't hit her up, just let her be. She will contact you when she is ready. It may not be tomorrow, but she will come around if she ever really valued your friendship in the first place. Just chill, and hang out with your other friends.

    • Yeah! that's what I've always done. Much appreciation for taking your time to respond.

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  • awe, that's really nice that you care. and believe it or not, some boyfriends are like that. All over-protective and shit. But, if she's your reall friend, she'll always come back to you, for that friendly bond. don't get me wrong, some girls ACTUALLY DO put their boyfriends before their guy friends... sometimes to aviod developing feelings for their best guy-friend. don't take it personally. just ask her what the deal is, and ride it out... that's really all you can do...

    • I have. But she still won't hangout with me. Like what did I do? lol

  • I won't hang out with old dates/boyfriends, but guy friends are cool and get along with my boyfriend great.

  • I hate guys like that. My best friend which is a GIRL by the way, can't wear skirt short or she can't even be BEAUTIFUL because she has this idiot boyfriend for 3 years. She isn't even allowed to TALK to guys properly. She has to go home at spesific times when he is not around. And he is even jealous of me! He doesn't like me. And it sucks because every time I want to go out and have fun, go to parties and discos she wouldn't be there even if she can and she's my best friend!

    • Wow that guy has serious issues, I feel bad for your girl, what kind of freedom is that? is she happy? does she have a choice? that's rough

    • She says she loves him blah blah and she is very jealous of him too because he is a player... I can't even do anything about it I've tried so many times watched her suffer and she always goes back to him.. blah

  • If I am dating and I care for and love my boyfriend, he ALWAYS COMES FIRST. Now, I don't have a best guy friend, but if my boyfriend felt uncomfortable or whatever about a guy friend, I would definitely cut my time with that friend until we work things out. Obviously, he can't control my life but how he feels is very important and I don't want him to feel threatened or like he is second best in my life.

    • Thank you, but this chick is marrying her BF. No doubts between both of them. Still she won't hang out. What am I supposed to do. I'm so confused.

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    • I don't know the guy, but considering what he is. Not interested in Befriending. Lol good suggestion though.

    • Well, I think it's worth a try if you really want to preserve your friendship with her. Just understand that when people get married, all other friends do become secondary. Marriage is a lot of responsibility and takes a lot of work. I'm not saying you should be out of the picture altogether...but it probably won't ever be the same again. I'm afraid you just need to adjust to this; once you find the love of your life, you will probably want to be with that person more than anyone else too.

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