Guys: Why doesn't he reply to my texts after a conversation?

Okay so I met this guy a year ago and recently he added me on Facebook, we msged each other etc he gave me his number so we started texting, we text nearly everyday he always starts the conversation but just randomly stops? I really like him, I just want to know why he doesn't reply even when his on Facebook, I might have got annoyed and not reply to him for a few days.. Recently he liked my Facebook posts I texted him he replied so I texted back and got no reply but then starts liking my posts instead and talks to others but doesn't reply?


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  • work on real face to face communication. texting for me can become a chore. sitting in a room when I could be doing other things with my face glued to a phone is really low on my list of fun things. perhaps that's him, or perhaps he's just not head over heels about you, but the best way to find out isn't simply texting but seeing how you do get on when physically together.

    So many people (men and women) mention on this site issues regarding texting. It seems to me that texting, FB, etc are all very limited and often ineffective forms of communication, especially compared to face to face communication.

    I know that smart phones, texting and social media have become a intrigal part of life especially in younger generations but nothing can replace actual face to face conversation


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  • That's because you lack face-to-face communication. If you can focus on this, then everything will flow as expected.

    When you're both lacking personal communication, attraction tend to lower and your interest to each other lowers as well. That's why you need to meet more often to keep the passion burning alive.


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