How can I interest guys in my age group?

Have any other girls experienced this? I never seem to be able to interest guys my own age but rather guys around the mid-late 20s mark.I say this because I have only ever been approached/asked on dates or given the ‘eyes’ by guys who either are or look to be this age group. I am 17, but guys my age take absolute 0 interest in me and I can’t figure out why or how to get them too? I do talk to them, but there is almost always no interest or ‘click’ and conversation soon becomes as dead as a dodo with absolutely no way to revive it. Anyone else have the same situation? Or any suggestions how I can, I don’t know, turn this around? I’d like to start dating in my own age group but it doesn't seem possible for me.


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  • i have the same problem with you, but in my case I finally realize that I am not attractive

    • i know it sucks kind of, and unnattractive? really? I think you are pretty.

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