Should guys call or text to ask a girl out on a date?

I know that a couple of years ago, most people would say to call her up.

However now I feel that texting is such a huge part of the younger generation, plus it gives the girl a chance to think about it.

When asking a girl out on a date, should guys call the girl so it is more personable, or should we text them to give them more time to think of an answer?


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  • Nowadays texting is the easiest form of communication. It allows you to hold a more brief conversation, and you can reply at your earliest convenience. Not to mention, it makes being rejected by a potential date MUCH less painful. People hate to be rejected, so asking someone out via text is now the most popular. You're able to save face (it was a question on a local radio station). Calling is better, and face-to-face is still the best. However, that's the most terrifying.

  • Call.


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