Is he with me because he is rebounding from his ex?

I'm kind f dating a guy. We have been dating for about 4 months. He came to my birthday party, we have sex, he Facebook messages me when he's drunk, etc.

Before me, he dated he ex for almost 4 months. The only reason they broke up was because she ad to move away fr work to another country. She's beautiful and a month ago, he got into a fight with his friend about her.

He told me they don't talk anymore but yet they are still Facebook friends.

I'm I in a rebound relationship?

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  • What is "kind of dating"? Has he offered to be exclusive with you, or are you just a booty call/FWB? If you've already had sex before he's offered any sort of commitment, you're likely just an easy piece of ass. My advice to you is to avoid having sex with guys before they officially make you their girlfriend, that way you don't have to worry about there being other girls. You can still talk to this guy, but if you gave up sex before getting commitment, you're likely just one of a couple of girls if the guy is attractive enough to pull it off and land hot women like this other woman.


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