What is up with this guy?

This guy is an athlete at my college, I saw him out at the bar and knowing who he was smiled at him, he approached me and introduced himself and I being drunk and unable to think of something witty to say leaned in and kissed him. We stopped after like a minute because he said he wasn't allowed to kiss in public because he could get in trouble with the team. He got my number, I left that bar to go to a different one, I ended up running into him again later that night in the middle of the street and we talked for a little bit and he wanted to make sure I had his number so he called me so that I would have it. He texted me a lot that night. I ended up falling asleep and responded the next morning and said he wanted to see me again soon and admitted to looking up on Facebook and thought I was cute (he added me). We talked the next day for a couple of texts and then the following day I accidentally sent him screenshots (3 total) of our conversation intended for my friend. I fessed up to what had happened and he was really cool about it and then I ended the conversation shortly thereafter saying I would talk to him later and he was like okay :)

A couple days later I texted him asking if he was going out tonight and we texted back and forth for a couple texts but then it fizzled.

I saw him when my friends and I were out at the bars the next week and he came over to me and hugged me and stood and talked for 5 minutes with his hand on the small of my back, introduced me to his friends, and asked how I had been and asking if he could "see me later tonight". I was like yeah just text me. Then we parted ways. He texted me "Hey!" at 3:30 a.m. which is past when the bars close (2 am). I responded the next morning sorry I was asleep, what's up? and then he never responded.

two weeks later, I was still thinking about him and it was new years eve so I decided to see what his plans were so I texted him. He was friendly in the texts and asked what my plans were and I decided to make a bold move here was our conversation:

Me: you have 20 minutes to get to (name of bar I was at)

Me: You failed.

him: I'm not out yet, my ride was waiting to get his midnight kiss

Me: I wanted my kiss

Him: May I give you one later?

I told him I was leaving the bars early and he told me he was on his way, I told him to let me know when he was done, because I wanted to see him after.. He texted me he was done and I asked if he was coming to get me and then he was taking too long to respond so I said goodnight. and fell asleep he texted me do you have a ride? and I had fallen asleep but I woke up at 5 am , still drunk, and responded "No I did not sweetheart, that's why I texted you!" and then in the morning he did not reply.

Around 7 o'clock he texted me "hey :)" and 10 minutes later I replied "hey! what's up?" and then he didn't respond.

What should I make of the situation? What is going through his mind/ what does he think of me? Why would he text me and then just not respond?

What should I do next? Wait for him to text me or text him? And if so what should I say?


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  • Shawty getting played. DOnt hate the playaaaa hate the gameee

    • haha any ideas on to why he would send the hey :) and then just not respond? like was it just to see if I would respond, I don't get the point

    • from what you say he texts you when he has time. It MIGHT be because he's an athlete, but any guy who wants to pursue you would ask for a date. He just randomly texts you whenever he's got no other option? I mean you did throw yourself at him so I think he's looking for some when he texts you at night. Be careful doeee

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  • like phone tag, you guys are playing text tag and he's playing a few games to be a challenge but in all honesty he wants the phuck the hell out of you but hasn't had the chance to yet

  • you should text him back when he texts and not fall asleep

  • If he texts you at random times it most likely means he's thinking about you or misses you. But I've never really been in a situation where someone simply says "hey :)" and then leaves. Try to meet up more in person I guess?


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