What do you call this girl for god's sake?

1- I confessed my emotions to her through Facebook, she didn't reply for a week

2- the next time I saw her she winked at me and I am sure of what I am saying

3- two other weeks passes and nothing happens but she still flirts

4- two days later I gave her my mobile number

5- the next day she calls twice

6- I called her and then we started to text

7- we agreed to meet on new years eve but on the d day she was texted me and cancelled the meeting 5 minutes before the time and her excuse was "her friends are coming"

8- we fought then we started to chat again, just random staff

9- she flirts in her text messages for example ; she says she likes my messages, they are like poems, I keep on reading them many times

10- she was reluctant to meet because I was too harsh on her when she cancelled the date but at the end she agreed to meet. she chose the date to be on her birthday and she asked me to be special.

11 - I invited her to a dinner in a really classy restaurant but she was really cold. at the end she was like is this the special day that you promised in a somehow polite way.

12 the date didn't last more than 2 hours

13- after that I sent her a message saying" I liked the your company and and I hope you also did"

14 she replied : I don't have feelings for you and is this the special day that you promised me it was just a usual day and I don't want to feel like meeting you again.


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  • She sounds disgusting to me to treat you like that.

    • thanks a lot yeah its disgusting and gruesome but never mind, I am on the lookout for those jerks. she got the reply that she deserves)))

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  • Beside the fact that she's an ungrateful bitch, you made your feelings too obvious from the beginning. She knew she had you right in the palm of her hands and made use of it. Forget this wanna be diva.

  • She is into someone else or just not that into you, which is why she canceled and disregarded your message. As a woman, if I'm really into a guy and he sends me a message like that I would reply or make sure I talk to him in person. I wouldn't be "silent flirting". You might have come on too strong, but it doesn't matter because it the feelings were never mutual.

    She has very high expectations and eventually became disappointed. She got so caught up in her disappointed that she forgot have manners.

    You can internally forgive her and be thankful she never became your girlfriend. Regardless if she was interested, she should have been thankful for you taking her out to a nice restaurant. You will meet someone who is way more appreciative of what you have to offer.

  • Sounds like you need to ditch her! Find someone who values you! I wouldn't give her the time of day. She likes the attention and is using you (it sounds like it). Sorry! What a bad person!

  • One piece of advice...dnt be fast when approaching a girl you LIKE, and really wanna get. Be very patient and never reveal your emotions until she wants to share them with you first. This girl is plain doubtful, just like guys even girls have doubts about guys, so treat her the way you wanna be treated. is the golden rule.

    • thank you for the answer but I don't agree with what you said; she is a materialistic jerk. if you really liked someone then these things would not matter to you.

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  • this is typical female behavior, although she is taking it to an extreme. women like to keep guys in tow to extract resources from them (emotional, ego boost, drama, free stuff, etc..) learn to recognise the signs of this kind of behavior and immediately drop any woman who shows signs of this behavior because they are not treating you with even a shred of respect.

  • What do you call her? ungrateful-bitch-that-you-are-lucky-didnt-become-your-girlfriend has a nice ring to it.

  • You failed to lead. She lost attraction. Next time don't make a Facebook confession and don't give her your number. Take hers and tell her in person if you like her.

    • I agree.. although the failed to lead thing.. I don't know.

      Plus that girl was ungrateful just like lovet said.

  • What do you want to know? That last message seemed pretty straightforward.

  • My heart would drop at number 14. She didn't even have the slightest decency to say she's not interested nicely. She's playing games with you, don't pursue her.

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