Why does he always tell me who he's texting?

My best guy friend, whenever we're hanging out and he's texting, he always mentions who the person he is texting... usually it's one of our mutual friends who happens to be a girl...

any reason for this?


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  • Nah even if it was potential girlfriend material, I wouldn't tell the girl in hanging out with who it is. Its not really any of her business. Itd be the same difference as a friend or boyfriend texting you where you at/ who you hanging with all the time.

    What I think is it's insecurity. He has to show social value when you're around. He has to try and be alpha male and tell you whose all texting him back and forth to feel important and self worth among your group of friends. Texts Especially from chicks, to let you know that you could have possible competition for his affection. Guys slick, but still kinda sounds douchey.

  • Because he likes you and he doesn't want you to think he is talking to a potential GF


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