Why do I have a hard time getting dates with average-looking girls?

I'm extremely average looking myself, and that's only if there's proper lighting. And yet I have better luck getting dates from girls I would consider 8-10 on the attractiveness scale. For some reason I have a harder time going out with 6s and 7s...they tend to reject me or be lukewarm.

Is there a reason for this? Or maybe it's just a small sample size and if I ask out more girls, it'll even out?


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  • They feel so insecure around you because they think that you're too good for them and they think someone better deserves you.

    • how? I'm not good looking and I'm skinny.

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    • It's not how good looking you are and your physical characteristics that makes women fall attracted to your charms. It rather how you carry your self and behave around them.

    • so they'd reject the guy if they feel "unworthy"? I don't get that, I thought girls wanted someone they like?