Should I text him 1st again or not?

There's a guy who lives far away that I have liked for awhile, though I have had other guy interests. I saw him at the end of the year and the feelings came back, I think he likes me too (refer to my other question if he likes me). I texted him a couple of days ago and he replied right away and these texts weren't one word texts. Should I wait for him to text me or should I text him again? by the way I know long distance stuff isn't worth it for some people, but I haven't found any guys that like him. he's got brains, similar interests and one other quality that is super important for me (actually a requirement for a guy to have). by the way I absolutely hate the chase game.


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  • It all depends who was the las one who texted. If you were the last one to text then just wait a few days to see if he texts back. If not then maybe send a follow up text just to see if he responds back. If you fel it's worth the effort then go for it. I think long distance works for some people and others it doesn't.If you have strong chemistry and a connection then it could work out.


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