Coffee date with ex.

I dated this girl for about a month and she ended the short relationship. We got along real well, but she was going trough a divorce and told me that she didn't want to get in to a relationship. I definitely understood where she was coming from, so I backed off. I haven't spoke to her for about 5 months, and recently sent her a text. After a couple of days of back and forth small talk I asked her to meet up for a cup of coffee. She said she would like to, so we set up a date to meet. My question- is there still an interest on her part?


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  • If there was no interest on her part she wouldn't agree to the meetup. What level of interest she has is open to interpretation at the moment though - see her and guage how she reacts.

  • There could be, and you should give it a shot. Don't let this opportunity go to waste.