He left me.how do I manage to live to without him?

It was my fault. I wrote a rude text. and he replied " I m fed up of all these. I want a break up" and r8 there my heart snapped. I know it was my fault. Earlier too he tried leaving me many times but I begged him, cried and he finally (I don't know out of pity or love) he stayed. I don't want to go to his feet anymore. I don't want to beg anymore. The reason of the fight was a simple thing. I sent him a text which didn't get delivered. But he accused me of not sending it ever. I became angry. because he was accusing me of things I didn't do.That was it.He left me just an hour ago. and I am feeling miserable already. I am feeling giddy,dizzy. Feeling weak and numb.Life without him seems impossible!

He won't ever speak to me or text me because break up for him means we are strangers now. He is my classmate. I don't know what would happen when I face him at college. Life is so miserable suddenly! I really love him a lot!


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  • The miscommunication you describe is a really weak excuse for a breakup. If I had to take a guess, there's something else going on here. There might be another girl he's into.

    When you said "he tried leaving me many times but I begged him (to stay)" sent off all kinds of red flags in my mind. A relationship has to be a mutual choice between two willing people. Again, I would say that after this incident, he began looking for a way to break things off in a way that he could blame it on you.

    Its not your fault. He sounds immature and you'll be better off without him. And you're in college, which is literally the easiest place to meet single and willing members of the opposite sex.


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  • Don't let one guy have that much power over you! There's tons that would love to date you and who won't fight with you on every little issue.

    • but it is love Dizzie which happens just once in life!

  • move on, stay busy, and be open to meeting new people even though you don't want to. and when you eventually end up in a new relationship try not to make the same mistake as you did in the last one. its all a learning curve.


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