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Is it over when he goes distant Or just need space?

As all the advice online says its normal and “its not because he doesn’t care” as that’s what I am feeling now. But all my male freinds say its over, if he really liked you he wudnt pull away, he’s giving you the sign to leave him alone? So don’t know what to belive anymore? Axnciety is killing me!

As my man has gone distant all of a sudden. From have 4 dates, both saying we are like the male\female versions of each other and generally getting on well, and hearing from him Xmas day…….then the distance thing started to happen? Hi sent him one message about 4 days later asking a general msg, he said he didn’t have reception back home (which is a fair point) and saying is “everything OK, haven't heard from you in a couple of days” he said everything was? And asked him one more text to meet up in the city for lunch, and he replied, but was at the other office not in the city which I forgot, but saying “I’m at the other office today so not in London, otherwise I would of course! Hope your OK tho and hopefully we can catch up soon” …….that’s a good reply tho right?

So messaged him back encouragingly “that’s cool, glad you want to meet up still there is that show we wanted to see on if you still wanted to go to that? Have fun tonight (NYE) and save a kiss for me under the mistletoe! hopefully see you in 2013 xx”. Good text right?

For xmas, the guy got me jack wills ear muffs for my present after 3 dates (gave it to me on our 4th) as he knew I’d lost mine………..which is why I don’t understand 3 days later that he’s gone this way?

His best friend from Thailand is back after a year, who he lives with in London but is from back home…….could he just be doing man stuff with him, as on Facebook he’s been with him a lot?

Now……………nothing? 5 days? I'm going to wait a week, but do you think a week isn't long enough? Or that I shouldn't text him? I'm so confused?

My question: how do you know if he’s just being a man and wanting space, or if he’s giving you the sign he’s lost interest?

*How much time is recommended?

We havnt slept together by the way, as everyone says that's why a guy leaves. We had our first kiss on our last date, the 4th date.

What if he just isn't interested anymore? Or is he into me and needs space, how can you tell?
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How do you tell the difference tho of if he needs space or is not interested? As both requir him to be silent lol.

And why would he say hopefully catch up soon?

Can't I ask him now, straight out?

This waiting is doing my head in!
Is it over when he goes distant Or just need space?
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