29 year old guy ...will he be realistic in dating/relationships?

I just starting dating someone a few weeks ago. We are both single parents, and he seems to lead a responsible lifestyle.

That being said though; we've only had two dates, yet we talk everyday, and in those talks he gets very complimentary. Like; I'm his ideal, he's in awe, loves talking to me, plans to still know me months from now. While all that is great, and reciprocated, I would be an idiot to think that its not going too fast. I mean he's practically just shy of the three word phrase.

So I'm concerned he's idealising me, and romanticising us, that ..it will just blow up in our faces later.

So my questions are; can a guy really fall that soon? is he just messing with me to get his physical needs met? How can I add some realism to to this, or if you have any suggestions on our to discuss this with him.

thanks for your help!


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  • I agree, but I also think that each relationship has its own pace and speed. I waited 11 months for someone to tell me they loved me, and someone else took only a little over a month, but he knew for sure that he did and still has yet to prove otherwise. so to answer your questions, yes they can fall that fast depending on the type of person they are (for instance if he's really sensitive or connect to people easily) and only you can really determine if he's just trying to get physical things from you, and if that is a worry you can try and take a break from those "activities" and see how he reacts and if he's any less attentive. I think at his age, he should be able to have a frank conversation about feelings.. just tell him your concerns and he probably would be able to explain better how he feels or why he feels that way.


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