Is he standin me up?!

This guy and I agreed to meet up in person for the first time. He called Thursday to talk about it, he said he would text yesterday, he didn't, I texted, goodnight:) still want to meet up tomorrow? Got no reply and today is the day we are suppose to meet, we just didn't say where exactly and what time. We said at 9 or after. He was texting and called before, what could have gone wrong? =(

The day we were suppose to meet which was yesterday, he posted a picture on instagram of food and tagged his friend which was early in the afternoon. So I know he was okay and hadn't answered the text I had left him the night before about if he still wanted to meet up. I'm so upset, I still want an explanation but don't want to bug him. I really don't know how to approach this.


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  • Yes, pretty much so. I don't know the reason though. He may have changed his mind about it all, I know a lot of girls did that to me. You ask them to hang out, they say yes, even give me her phone number (real), and then next day or a couple of days later: nothing. Guys probably also do this. Or he's too afraid, full of nerves, can't calm down to make it happen, so it's better to blow it off. It's probably not something you did, but it's in his head or something else came up.

    Try setting a new meeting, see what he'll say and what will happen then.

  • I think he's afraid to meet you, nervous for first time meet ups, and decided to stands you up. Though unintentional/intentional, either way, you were stood up.

    Or things got pretty hectic for him, emergencies arose so he can't come.


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