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So there's this guy I've been talking to for a quiet a bit. We met a month ago through our friends. Even though he hardly spoke to me and I hardly spoke to him since we never met he told his friend he found me pretty and asked him to get my number. I agreed and he texted me that same day and we just clicked. We even hung out again, just the two of us and it was pretty fun. We kept talking, but I had to leave out of town for a week, and I told him I would notify him when I got back since my service sucks when I'm out of the country. I get back I text and him a day later, simply saying hey what's up, which was yesterday and I have not received a message back at all. I know it's childish but I got a new phone today so I have new number, and I don't know if I should text the guy or not? I don't want to seem to clingy but I also don't want to seem bothered by him ignoring me. Even though I slightly am. I do think he got my message, I don't get why he never answered though?


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  • There's a possibility that he got a new number too. But yea I can relate to this, if I send a text and don't receive one back I won't bother sending another because I don't wanna come off or seem clingy. Difficult situation but if you have him on Facebook maybe message him on that? And if the thing says "Seen" and he still doesn't respond maybe he just found someone else or lost interest.


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