Ok there's this girl I like and I don't know what to do

There this girl I really like, they way she acts around me I think really likes me,but I don't know if she'd date me. Also a lot of times when I text her she doesn't text me back so idk. I need some help here.


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  • Signs:

    She smiles right when she sees you or seems happier when she knows you're there to watch her

    She seems generally happier around you

    She dresses up more on days she knows she's going to see you (yees, yes, girls do this often)

    She looks at you when you aren't actually talking, or from across the room she will be lookin at you

    She laughs at everything you say, even if its just flat out stupid and not funny at all

    She touches you when you talk, subtly, like she'll touch your shoulder, arm, hair, hat, clothing

    She compliments you lots

    She suggests hanging out (rare) or hints at it

    And with the texting some people just suck at it, to be honest.

    Check for those signs. Also, if you're attractive and she's attractive, and you guys get along well.. then there's a reaosn for her to like you.

    To test if she likes you:

    Hug her when you say bye, see if she reacts positively or not. If she hugs you weakly and looks awkward when you hug her, she is not interested.

    Suggest hanging out. If she dodges, eh, she probably does not like you. If a girl likes ou she'll jump at the chance to hang out.

    Compliment her. See if her face, eyes, smiling mouth, seem happy that you complimented her. If she looks awkward, eh, she does not like you.

    Good luck.


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  • if she doesn't text you ...it cud mean she doesn't like you :( sorry... but see first..are you always starting the convo ? if so...then it prob means this a one sided thing . or that she is really shy. you gta try things out in person. from personal experience. people are different over the phone or through text. aybe just randomly try meet up with her but like in a grp of friends first so she doesn't feel like it s a date yet or something. goood luck :)

  • how is she like when you talk to her in person? And one day if she's free.. You can ask her if you can call her later.. Most girls like if a guy can call them.. And if she doesn't want to then I wouldn't bother with her

    • When I'm with her she is usually smiling and laughing pretty much at anything I say but that's just when try to talk to her she never try's to talk to me and when I see her in the hall at school she doesn't smile at me or talk to me just in class when I tall to her

    • i think she might just like you as a friend... Because if she liked you she would try to talk to you and she would smile at you when she sees you in the hall.. And in class

    • Ya that's what I originally thought but sometimes she'll just be looking at me in class and they way she acts around me makes me think differently and also she's really shy

  • she might just be shy.

    you didn't really describe her personality though but I don't really answer my texts often, it's not the biggest deal on earth.

  • Why don't you just tell her you like her and want to go out. Don't ask her over text, ask her in person.

  • Just ask her out

  • I don't want to sound mean but if she's not texting you back she probably doesn't like you :( I'm sorry. Give her some space, don't text her and if she likes you she'll text you. Also you could flirt with other girls and don't pay to much attention to her for a couple of weeks then text her and she might text you back. And if you wanna know if she's ignoring you, you can make one of those texting accounts and just say hey and if she replies you know she's ignoring you


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