Is it OK to kiss a girl's hand in a gentle way ?

There is a girl that I really like , I am planning to go and tell her that I love her and I was thinking to kiss her hand in gentle way after I tell her

Is that OK for a girl or she might think negatively !?


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  • It depends on the culture you guys are from. If you come from a place where it's normal to do/expect that kind of behavior, then yeah sure, it should be okay. If there is any question in your mind about whether or not it's culturally acceptable- AVOID it like the plague (especially on a first date).

    General rule of thumb is no physical contact on the first date (or declaration in your case).

    Do NOT tell her you love her right off the bat unless you want to make it awkward as hell. Does she even know you like her? You'd do well to make sure it's not just infatuation before declaring you love someone. When you do that, both peoples' feelings get put on the line & it's easy to back someone into a corner with that kind of behavior.

    • First it is the 4th date , but I think she will not expect that from me but at the same time I think she will like it

      Second I think she loves me back from how she treat me and how she tells me in an indirect way

      Third I know her from a year + , but I didn't take her phone number and got close to each other except from a month

      So what do you think ?

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  • I think it's kind of cute in a romantic cheesy way, but I think kissing her on the cheek would be better. And AFTER you tell her how you feel and you see how she feels about you. And don't say "love". It's okay to say that you've liked her since the moment you met or things like that but I don't know if you should tell her you love her right away.

  • It depends on how long you have known each other. If you just met her like a few weeks ago it might freak her out, unless your relationship has been intense then she might be feeling the same. I think kissing her hand is good idea, especially in a gentle way, this will initiate the idea that something intimate is happening, especially if she has no idea that you love her and you guys are just close friends

  • yes that is very romantic;)


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