Should I contact him?

I talked on the phone for the first time with this guy I met on an online dating site the other day. It was the most incredible conversation of my life, and I think he felt it was great, too. We talked for 4 hours!

The next day we were texting all day and had arranged to face time in the evening. When we were supposed to, I texted him that I wasn't home yet from a party and then when I got home got wrapped up in something really important. I sent him a series of texts (maybe 4) throughout the 2 hours explaining why I wasn't ready to talk yet. (I was being completely honest). The last text I got from him he said "No problem at all! You need to get your stuff done first!"

When I was finally done at midnight, I called him and no answer. I texted him saying that I was sorry and that I think he's sleeping, and for him to feel free to call me when he wakes up whether its that night or in the morning.

Now it's 8:30AM, I haven't heard anything from him and am dying to talk to I said, I had an amazing connection with him and really want to talk.. I am pretty sure he is up, esp if he went to bed at midnight. He has an 8 hour drive today. Would it be too much to text him "good morning" and something about "drive safe?" I am assuming probably, but wanted to check...thanks.


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  • Yes, that would be the best.

    He might still be confused because he might think that you're seeing other guys before him so he said, " You need to get your stuff done first!".

    You've said your apology and a face-to-face meet up would be the best if you want to maintain both of your attraction with each other, and it will mean a lot to him because you're being sincere about your words how stuffs last night needs to be really done.


What Girls Said 1

  • I think you're getting too excited way too soon. You're expecting too much. This is never a good thing because when you expect a lot or too much, it's likely you're going to be let down. Like now, you're expecting an text and are hurt it didn't come. You've only known the guy for what, a day, maybe two? You've never met him. I'm not saying you should forget about him. But try to chill and take it easy and not expect a complete stranger to be the love of your life.

    I know there are exceptions, but generally these online romances don't last very long and are based on imaginations. Make sure you don't make that mistake. He will text you when/if he wants.

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