Guys would you date a girl like this?

she is completely inexperienced in dating and kissing. Also she was saving herself for marriage


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  • I would. I like the girls that wait, but not necessarily for marriage. Getting a girl that does the former would help me to do the latter. You're already above most girls out there in my eyes.

    • so it wouldn't be a problem that she was inexperienced?

    • No. The fact that you are inexperienced wouldn't matter to most guys.

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  • would I be patient in regarding to her lack of experience and helping her? Of course.

    Would I wait till marriage? probably not. I would wait 5 months or more , but if its close to a year , I wouldn't be able to.

  • Yes I would. I am waiting until marriage myself.

  • I would think she's not into any type of romance so it would feel more like a friendship to me.

    • what do you mean by romance?

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    • I would do all of those things except sex, I don't see how it would seem like a friendship.

    • I guess when you said you were inexperienced in kissing, I thought you meant you don't like kissing. That's why I said that. I take it back.

      Still, the girl would have to be absolutely perfect for me to wait until marriage for sex. You have to find out if you guys are sexually compatible, that's a part of spending your lives together and if you weren't sexually compatible and you didn't find out until after marriage, that's not a good thing.

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