Who should be the first one to say something?

I've been friends with this one guy for about 6 months now and at the beginning, we were just friends. Within the past 3 months we've been flirting with each other - I know that he likes me, and I'm pretty sure that he knows I like him. The thing is, he has a girlfriend that goes to a near by college. They have been dating on-and-off for about 4 years now and I feel out of place to be the one to tell him to break up with her after 4 years since he's known me less than a month. I mean, he's the one with a girlfriend, should he be the first to tell me that he wants to pursue something with me? Who should go first?

i meant to say that he's known me less than a year


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  • He should be the one telling you since you aren't 100% sure that he would want to break up with her for you. Unless of course you have been doing more than flirting with him.

  • Yes, he should be the first to tell you if he wants to pursue something. He does have girlfriend he has been with for 4 years and obviously he likes her if he's been with her that long so don't wait for him move on with your life and if he happens to break up with his grlfriend and ur single then great I wish you the best!