What is this guys intentions? I'm terribly confused.

I met a guy online and he seemed pretty nice. We exchanged numbers after a few weeks. Our first time texting he had asked me if I justed wanted to be friends, so I told him yes. A few weeks go buy and he admits that he thinks I'm beautiful and worries for me, because I plan on going into the military. Well, we arranged for us to meet yesterday at the mall. Things went fine we even went to see a movie. I had mentioned that my hands were cold, so he reached over and grabbed my hands to try to warm them for me. He then just started holding my hand. I was okay with that... he was being nice. After the movie there about 20 minutes. So we wenr to buy some clothing. After that I walked him part of the way to where his car was (it was still in a public place), but it was 4pm and I had to go. So, I told him buy and gave him a hug with one arm and he kissed me. I jerked and it was terribly awkward and when I tried to make a retreat he grabbed my shoulder turned me around and said let's tey that again. As he leaned in I hesitated, but still kissed him. Said bye and left... I don't know how it turned out like that. He lives a bit out of the way; maybe like 30-40 minutes away and he paid for our tickets, so he put effort in, but I felt odd.

I'm 17 and he is 22 years old. I'm use to being friends with guys older than me, but not dating :/ I don't know what to do. Does he want to date or is he just looking for someone to hang out with. Do adults do those kind of things even if they are friends?

I'm sorry for sounding slow, but I've only dated one guy in my age group and that was a year ago.


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  • This guys probably wanting to date you. Friends do not hold hands, it is possible, but not on a "first date" like this.

    You do not sound enthusiastic about this guy at all. I think you are not interested in him as dating material. There is nothing wrong with trying another "date" and see how that goes. If you feel like it is going nowhere, just tell him that.

    Hope it helped ;)


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