Anyone have some dating advice?

I am not the best when it comes to starting a relationship. I've recently met a girl that I would like to be with but I feel like it would just be another waste of time and If I don't say anything now she is going to be taken in no time and then I'll just end up backing off cause I don't want to her think twice while being with someone ells.

But there is another problem that makes things worse for me, a few years back I got leukemia and it was horrific in to many ways. While I had it I was struggling to stay awake and over time it just got worse. I was put into an induced comer, while under I suffered a stroke and the back left side of my brain started bleeding. Doctors thought I would not live for more then a week, then no more then 48 hours, then they didn't think I would wake up from it, then didn't think Id ever be able leave the hospital until I would die of old age. Some how I'm alive but I'm 25-30% blind in my left eye on the right side and 15% blind on the left side of my right eye and 45% blind on the right side. I suffer from short term memory lose (not so bad now) and 40% blind on the right side of my right eye. Also I have hypersensitive senses. Then as a final I have 9 scares on my chest from where tubes have been multiple times.

In all my mental state just sucks and I have weight issues (I'm underweight) and I'm 170cm tall aka Short. talking to the opposite sex I'm fine cause I'm charming and very polite but I really don't know how to show affection without being obvious about wanting to be in a relationship and on multiple occasions I've asked a girl out only to be way to late and I just always get the feeling that I'm not worth it.

So yeah I would like to be in a relationship with this one but really I have no idea where to start, I know the basic take her out for lunch, show her places that she would enjoy going to and take her to the stores that she would like to go to. But that's it really.


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  • I think you would be fine.just be real with her tell her the truth about how you feel.dont wait because it may be too late if you wait too your heart you know what to do.women just want a guy who is real with them and a gentleman.


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