What does this guy want from/with me?

i went out of town to visit my friend in the next state over. I was there for about 2 weeks. the first weekend we went out to a club. I met a bunch of her friends (girls and guys) and she told me that one of her guy friends was into me. really cute. I didn't go straight after him so I just enjoyed my night a bit. he approached me quite a few times. eventually by the third time I gave in. we hooked up the whole night. we were "the couple" of the night. people thought we were dating. then had to leave and kept asking me to come to the car with him to say bye, cause he was with a bunch of friends. I didn't go cause if I did I wouldn't be able to get back in. so I just went to the door with him, and convinced him to go cause his friends were getting mad. he didn't want to leave.

the next day (technically the same day cause we came home at 7am) later in the day, my friend got a message on her orkut (kinda like myspace) from him. they had already been friends for awhile now but not super close. so he asked for my profile. then 5 minutes later he adds me asking when he's gonna see me again and for my number. I didn't really have a number to give him cause my phone wasn't working,. so he asked my friend for hers considering I was ALWAYS with her. so we had made plans to see each other but by the end of the night I didn't get to because well, I fell asleep. so during the week I just talked to him through MSN. he was sweet, cute, and funny. he even asked me why I don't just move to alphville (where they live). well it soon came to be my last day and he really wanted to see me. so we went down to the college, hung out there with his friends and people my friend knew. we hooked up again and we took him home. the boy was absolutely adorable, held my hand, had his arm around me when we stood next me. well the night ended and the next day I was leaving. we talked on MSN while I was packing, he was being super sweet and talkative. then he started saying that I should just move there and he doesn't think I should leave. I already had plans to move there before I ever met him. so I get back to Rio (where I live). his friend starts talking to me cause he added me earlier in the week and starts hitting on me. so I just kinda ignore it and just said thank you to his compliments. THEN, the guy I was interested (his name is marcel btw) he hasn't talked to me. since I've been back (2 weeks) we've only talks like 6 times. most of them just petty conversations like how are you beautiful. then the convo dies. then one or two completely about school, work and when I'm coming back. really long convos. I'm really lost if this guy likes me, is into me, wants nothing to do with me, or what he wants from/with me. I'm not expecting him to want a relationship but I'm hoping he'll want SOMETHING. I'm in Brazil,(hes Brazilian) btw. help me, please?


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  • yea I think its the distance thing.i had a situation like this,n when I went back the 2nd time,we hung out and hooked up again but we weren't as into each other much anymore and nothing more came out of it.then it ended.idthink you can get much out of it so personally I would just move on.hes probably just a "summer fling," unless ur really moving there...good luck!

  • um...i think that he likes you but the distance might be a problem for him. if you were closer he might stay in touch more. if things don't get better, try meeting someone new. if it was meant to be then it will work out.