My boyfriend visits the men's heaven. How should I react?

My boyfriend is on holiday in Pattya without me. I can't go because of work. I am worried because I have heard it is "the men's heaven".

I am very mad at him now. On his first night there, he went to a bar with two of his work-colleagues without telling me whether he arrived safely or not or what his plans might be.. I sent him a text message at 9pm (ihis local time) and he only replied at 4am in the morning (his local time). I don't want to be overreacted, but I am certainly upset and I feel he might be unfaithful. :( ... What should I do?


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  • There;s nothing you can really do...and you ca't condemn him just for beng out late, when that;s the typical pattern in that place, I guess.

    You will find out soon enough if he was unfaithful, from himself, or from his mates in an unguarded moment, so for now, don't get obsessive over the issue.

    • The problem is I don't even know who those people are that he went with. He claimed that they are his work colleagues. Strangely, nobody in the list can be found on his Facebook. That is why I got so upset. I didn't want to be pushy or annoyed, so I didn't initiate to contact him today. He got worried and I did tell him why, but now he is at a bar drinking with friends and who knows that it might turn out at the end of the night? If he loved me, he wouldn't have put me through this. Right?

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    • Sigh... I couldn't go on vacation because my things pile up at my desk, but you are right. Thanks a lot.

    • He should have waited for you...

      Best answer, right?

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  • your right to be upset if what your saying is accurate. all you can do is choose if you want to be with someone who behaves this way or not, then stick to your decision.


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  • The only thing you can do is trust him. If you can't trust him then you have a serious problem on your plate and you need to reconsider why you are in a relationship with a guy you cannot trust..

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