Would you date someone with a physical disability (please read and answer)

For example: Some who was born with Soina Bifida Myelomeningocele (Most severe form of Spina Bifida), however was lucky enough to not have an over-abundence of damage so they aren't wheelchair bound, just walk with a slight limp. They suffer from mild incontinence, but for the most part have this under control with medication, are unable to participate in an overabundance of physical activity but still are relatively capable. This person is fully independent (can drive, live alone unaided etc), they will not require you to be in a carer role in any way, shape or form, and they are studying quite a hard degree at university, as well as work a number of jobs. She's quite good looking, is funny, is confident, has many interests and lives quite a full life.

Would you start dating someone if you knew all of this? If you're already dating someone and then maybe a couple of months in they told you all of this, would you stay or leave?

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With the "telling a couple of months into the relationship" issue, if they held it back because they don't want just anyone and everyone knowing about something so personal and they wanted to make sure you'd stay together for at least that long, not just an issue of trust, would that make a difference? Would you be more understanding to it?


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  • I wouldn't think twice about dating someone like that, those people tend to develop great personality traits because they know how hard life can be. They tend to be more respectful, loyal and have greater inner beauty than people who have it easier.

    If I learned about it after a few months of a relationship, though...I would be upset that she didn't trust me enough to be honest. I would probably understand and not leave because of it but it would be a large negative point and I'd hold back on the trust I gave her, at least for a while.


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  • From your description, sounds like yes.

  • I would date her, and I would still be with her even if she told me later


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  • its the heart and soul of the person that ignites the chemistry...yes I would.

  • Shouldn't matter. But person should be up front about it, I don't mean on the first date they need to tell you but after a cpl of dates/conversations that should be shared. John Mellencamp has spina bifida and look at him!