How do I deal with time apart from girlfriend over first long school break?

I really really miss being with her. At school we hung out at least for a little every day. We text everyday on break (she usually texts first).

We meet each other once a week and do something fun until school starts again.

Sometimes I feel like I should not send emoticons in text, or not be as available, etc. In person I'm fine. But in text I like to talk to her.

My question is:

Our texting seems balanced, but how do I keep her attraction for me up?

I'm having a hard time handling not seeing her as often. I have a job and all, but I feel sort of disconnected because we're not in person. She has said she misses me too and wishes she was with me (she doesn't say anything about disconnect)

Lastly, we've each said things that hint at longer term. We've been in a relationship for 4 months, but we say things like "Yeah we'll do that later this semester" and other stuff for next year. Is that good or bad?


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  • It's best if you don't rely on texting anymore. To keep her attraction up, you should spend time to have personal communication with her. That means a lot to women.