Ladies would you agree to a second dinner date with your man, if he didn't pay for the first dinner date?

In other words... the last time you and him went on a dinner date, he paid for the food he order and you paid for the food you ordered. Would that make you decide to reject him, if he ask you out again?

Ladies also, do you think the only time you should pay on a date is if he paid for the full order on the first date he had with you?


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  • I consider it really gentleman-like to pay for the meal on the first date. But if I like him and we happened to pay separately the first date, I'd still be open to a second date. However if he made a big stink about having to pay on the date, I'd see it as being uptight and having a bad attitude and would probably hold that against him.

  • Yeah, if I otherwise like him, that's fine. Although, he'd better have selected somewhere reasonable to eat, because I can't afford to eat out very often and I'd be kinda bummed out if it turned out being somewhere expensive. Cheap dates are best for the first 5 or so.

    Also, at this point, if we're going on our first few dates, he wouldn't be "my man" ... he's virtually be a stranger. Referring to himself as such would freak me out way more than not buying me a meal.


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