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Yes I run into my ex the other morning we haven't seen each other in a long time well he came over later well talking he mentioned he wanted us to give it another try I said ok he was

in a bad marriage and is divorced I was in a bad relationship with

my daughter's father we lived together 9 months as a matter of

fact he hurt me real bad.

I know I have trust issues I haven't dated anyone in 2 years I'm

46 gino is 50 so far things are fine I stay close to the apartment

i can no longer work I have a16 year old handicapped daughter

i spend my days sleeping surfing the internet housework watch

tv igo when I have to I am doing silly things .

Gino is gooing out of town with his church the weekend but I

wont him to stay here he goes to school since january ends in

August if he gets a job he wants to work 5 to 9p.m I see and feel

I won't him around me most of the time I do get lonely sometimes nobody comes to visit us much I have family but

they hardly visit I just need advice gino's a good person and I

don't won't to make mistakes maybe lose him .

Please respond ASAP


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  • I would take things one day at a time ,give it a chance to work, and see what happens! as fare as the trust issues you have to for give and forget or it won't work ,if he cheeted on you before and your giving him another chance don't ever throw up in his face


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