How do I know if she's interested?

Been talking to a girl for a little over a week. She was the first to text message me and we have really been hitting it off. She asked the first day if I wanted to meet up for a drink but I was sick and told her we would have to pick another day. We texted throughout the next week, I asked her if the following weekend we could meet up and hangout- she said she had a training that weekend out of town. We continued to text until this Sunday- she would ask a question, I would answer, then ask her a question and no response. Seems weird to go from several texts a day, to nothing. Its been two days since we have talked, I was the last to text her. Do I leave it alone and let her text me, or send her a casual text and say hello.. My gutt tells me to leave it alone and let her text me since I was the last to text and she never responded? Help


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  • It is really complicated to tell if one has interest in mutual talking like texting and on phone unless they clearly state they like you etc...

    You guys just need to hangout and then you can tell..

    Usually when I am interested I flirt and show physical affection like cuddling, holding hands and IF I kiss him I like them because I would never kiss someone on lips if I didn't like them. also trying to hangout a lot and talking.

    • Thank you- that's kind of what I thought. So, the way we left it- she is busy this weekend taking a class, we've text a little after that, and its now been 3 days since we've had any contact.. The way I see it, I was the last to text- showed interest and said I wanted to take her out, so if she is interested, she will text me back at some point.. I shouldn't text her right- let her make the next move?

    • I mean the way I look at it if she wants to hang she will make the effort like "hey let's hang after the weekend" etc.. but maybe she doesn't like you that much realizes you do so she is kinda brushing you off? I could be wrong she can be playing hard to get too..

    • So It would probably be best to just leave it alone and see if she texts at least for today.. I may text maybe tomorrow and ask how her week has been- if she's playing hard to get and continues the conversation then I we'll see how it goes. I'll give her the one shot, but if she continues to be unresponsive after tomorrows text, then I won't text again?

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