Did I make it all up in my head?

Alright so I'd been talking to this guy for a few weeks, I'm really attracted to him and he's said that he thinks I'm beautiful. We'd been exchanging sweet texts and he'd send me cute texts all the time.

Yesterday was our first date and it was amazing. He was saying all these sweet things, like how pretty he thought I was. We went bowling and had a great time. When the guy who runs the bowling alley (they know each other) saw us together and asked my date "You don't have a girlfriend do you? She's cute, you're ugly!" (the guy was joking obviously) my date laughed and said "Well she's not my girlfriend YET, this is our first date." then looked at me and smiled.

After that we went to his place and kinda hooked up, we did NOT go all the way. Then we cuddled the rest of the night and watched a movie before it got too late and I had to head home.

He kissed me goodnight and said we can see each other next weekend (when he's off work) but he didn't walk me to my car. Given it was freezing outside but I thought he would.

Today though, I got no texts from him which hasn't been usual the past few weeks. I texted him 'Hi' to which he replied 'sup?'. From then on our conversation sounded more like he was talking to one of his buddies. When I brought up this coming weekend, he said 'It depends on what I'm doing this weekend.' To me that was was an OUCH.

I just don't understand what is going on now? We had a great time, he seemed to like me as much as I like him. He talked like it was obvious that we would become a couple. But with our text conversation earlier, it really threw me off. Did I make it all up in my head? Is this a guy thing to act like you don't care much about a girl after a date? Or am I reading too much into this?

If anyone could help me out, I would SO appreciate it. Thanks so much.

Well update: he told me he's not ready for a relationship even though he had a "awesome time with me on our date". I feel used and very played, not to mention stupid for falling for it. Note to guys: please don't do this to girls.

What the hell happened?


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  • Just read your update. Sorry but it sounds like after you had your first date he just wasn't feelin ya. I'm confused as to why you think you were used and played? He was just starting to get to know you for a couple weeks and you only just went on one date. There was nothing serious going on w you guys and he just decided he didn't want to continue to pursue things w you. I really don't think this makes him a bad guy. He just lost interest in you. It happens all the time. He's just clearin the way for a great guy to come into your life. Don't waste anymore time worrying bout this. Move on

    • i feel used and played cause of the things he said to me and he really led me on. I went through a bad break up early last year and when I finally let a new guy in...this is what happened. it just sucks. but thanks, I'm moving on and I'm not gonna dwell on this anymore.

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  • Well it sounds like one of two thigns happened...

    1) he was disappointed at something that happened or didn't happen after bowling

    2) He just isn't that into and didn't do a good job of NOT leading you on. He could have been very interested but perhaps at some point something happened that made him realize that he wasn't qutie as into you as he may have led on.

    But it isn't really guy style to play hard to get after a first date, so I don't think that's the case

  • aaaaaaahhhhhh!*crushed by giant wall of text*


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  • Could be that his mind wasn't fully on the texting, that he had other stuff on his mind or he was busy or something. But it could also be that he realized he isn't really that into you.

    Just wait a while, see if things change back to how he was, flirty and stuff. If it doesn't, it's because he's not that into you. If he gets flirty again and all, then it means he just had some stuff on his mind and wasn't really in the mood for texting.

    • Don't feel played or used. It's normal right? I do feel that, behind the excuse of "not ready for a relationship" should be: "not into a relationship with you". Not every time, but still... I do think that's normal. You're dating, still getting to know each other. If one of the two parties isn't that into the other, should he keep on going just to pretend? THEN you'll feel played.

  • My guess is he was lookin to hit it and when it didn't happen he kinda lost interest. Sorry but this sorta thing happens all the time. There are good guys out there you just gotta find them.

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